Iron Sharpens Iron

 "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." --- Proverbs 27:17
     Many have heard this passage, or some rendition of it, but what does this mean to you? Does it resonate with you? Does it motivate you?
     There are many ways that a person can utilize this principle in their daily operations, but what does that look like? It is probably something different for everyone, just as no two blades or tools are exactly the same, but in principle it requires the pressure, challenge, and regular contact with another piece of iron to become better.
     Sometimes I think it is helpful to take stock of the people and things that regularly challenge us to do better. If a person does this for you, when was the last time you told them thank you? If it is a hobby, an event, or a thing that makes you better; are you making an effort to keep it a regular part of your life?
     The human condition is that we often do what is not good for us while failing to maintain the things that are good for us....just food for thought. Continued blessings 285!
         ---Chaplain Seth